Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Phil M. Jones

Phil M. Jones

Session Time: Jan 21st 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Location: GWCC, Exhibit Hall A3, Building A, Level One
Track(s): Bridging the Gap


The difference between success and failure in your business can often be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter and understanding how you can use language to control a conversation can provide you an advantage when looking to grow your business.

Whether you are looking to lead your team, are in a sales conversation with a client or negotiating with a supplier – knowing the right things to say in the right way at the right time is certain to have an immediate positive outcome on your results.

This session promises to have you enthralled as you discover the power that language has over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that have instant application and receive tailored examples of how the “Magic Words” from Phil’s best-selling book are applied to your specific business critical situations.

Expect immediate and actionable outcomes, and enjoy the power of your new word choices as early as the next break that follows!

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