Fundamental Lighting and In-Person Sales Practices for a Successful Portrait Studio.

Kibbee Walton

Kibbee Walton, Cr.Photog.

Session Time: Jan 22nd 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Location: GWCC, Sidney J. Marcus Auditorium, Building A, Level 4
Track(s): School, Sport, Event, Technique


In today’s senior portrait market, it’s imperative to separate yourself from the competition by delivering an experience that elevates you, in the client’s eyes, from picture taker to trusted portrait artist. 

With senior portraits, the timeless fundamentals of a flattering pose, beautiful light and a genuine expression are key to a successful portrait sale. For the first part of this session, Kibbee will demonstrate the five poses he uses to start every senior portrait session, guys and girls. He’ll demonstrate live, the interaction, the composition and the lighting technique for each portrait so you can leave this presentation with the necessary skills to implement the process into your own sessions. He’ll cover the posing do’s and don’ts so you can create easy, natural and flattering portraits of your seniors.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of how to create a great senior portrait, it’s time to share best practices on how to sell it. In the second half, Kibbee will share the process of his senior sale; how to prepare the client (create the desire for them to own it), what to sell first, which words to use during the sale and how to close so your IPS sessions are a success.

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