How To Improve Your Maternity Photography Game

Eden Bao

Eden Bao

Session Time: Jan 13th 9AM - 11AM
Track(s): Hands On, Portrait


A master in her craft, Instructor Eden Bao will give you an overview of maternity photography, where it came from and where it is going. She will walk you through  lens and lighting techniques that will help you create incredible images and make your clients feel beautiful. Discuss style and trends, and start discovering how to define your own. Eden will also teach you how to use posing so you expertly capture the memories of this brief and special time of your client's life. After taking this class, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to enhance your images, improve your business and create a client experience that will delight everyone!

1 Hands on Course costs $99.00

2 Hands on Courses cost $159.00

3 Hands on Courses cost $199.00

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