Lighting A Wedding Day From Start To Finish

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony

Session Time: Jan 14th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Location: Presidential Ballroom B, Level 2
Track(s): Technique, Wedding


There is no question that weddings are challenging. However, with the right knowledge, they don't have to be. Like all photography, wedding photography is based on light, and with the right lighting techniques, you can capture beautiful images in any situation. The challenge with lighting in wedding photography is that you have to remain mobile while remaining within a small footprint. In this class, Michael Anthony will show you how to turn any location into a studio and create dynamic photos for all of your couples. You’ll learn how to prepare for each wedding day and how to be ready for any scenario that may happen. After this class, you will understand how to create beautifully lit images with minimal equipment. Michael will even discuss with you some of the challenges and tricky lighting situations in which you are bound to find yourself  – and how to overcome these! You’ll walk away with solid lighting techniques and the confidence to capture amazing images each and every time!

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