Program / Master your Craft – Excellence in Volume Photography
Shiloh Getz
Shiloh Getz
Rodney Getz
Rodney Getz, CPP
Session Time: Jan 18th 8:00 am - 9:30 am EST
Location: Woodrow Wilson BCD
Track(s): Portrait, School, Sport, Event


Known across the country for their volume photography workflow, Rodney and Shiloh Getz will walk you into their world of volume photography. You will learn how they use alternative markets to fill in their schedule and create consistent annual income in between their peak seasons.  Rodney will also share with you how he uses green screen and various lighting techniques to produce powerful images.  By the end of class you will learn how Rodney and Shiloh turned a solution to one of their problems into a series of tools that has helped volume photographers all over the country.


1.  How find new and lucrative means of income in the volume industry

2.  Easy lighting techniques that produce powerful images

3. Tools and Techniques for a fast and efficient photo day