Program / No-Nonsense Wedding Filmmaking : The Keys to Creating High Quality Wedding Films
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis
Session Time: Jan 15th 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
Location: National Harbor 6
Track(s): Technique, Wedding


Whether you are just starting your cinematography career, currently filming weddings, or you are a photographer interested in adding video to your offerings, award-winning filmmaker Benjamin Davis will open up his playbook to the systems and strategies he uses to produce award-quality films and how you can use these concepts to AMAZE your clients. Discover how the keys to great filmmaking are probably not what you think and how to make the mental shift to the “things that client’s want most.”  Explore  Benjamin’s proven methods and techniques including his shooting process from start to finish, composition tips and tricks, audio secrets and even troubleshooting when on assignment.

Attendees will leave knowing:
- How to ensure you cover all the critical moments during a wedding day
- Lighting tools and techniques to create the look your clients love
- Keys to capturing great audio every time
- Bringing blockbuster movie techniques to wedding filmmaking