Off Camera Lighting From Daylight To Dark

Alison Carlino

Alison Carlino, CPP

Session Time: Jan 13th 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: Ryman Studio K, Level 0
Track(s): Hands On, Technique


Ready to jump into the world of lighting off camera? Maybe you’ve you been eager to take that flash off your hot shoe and aren't sure where to start… Have you been using off camera lighting yet want to observe how someone else creates with it? Alison Carlino teaches you how to walk into any space and master the light. 

Learn the four ways to control off camera lighting and the equipment it takes to create various styles. Explore speed light powers, placements and modifiers using the Phottix Mitros and the Spartan beauty dish modifier. Alison even discusses how to use water, gels and fog for more visual interest and dimension in your images. However, it’s not just about the light. Learn how to incorporate modern posing techniques for incredible images. Don’t just delight your clients – dazzle them with your portraits!


1 Hands on Course costs $99.00

2 Hands on Courses cost $159.00

3 Hands on Courses cost $199.00

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