Program / Product Photography 101: The Crash Course
Taylor Brumfield
Taylor Brumfield
Session Time: Jan 15th 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
Location: National Harbor 10
Track(s): Business, Commercial, Technique


Experienced beauty and product photographer Taylor Brumfield morning teaches you how she built a successful AND sustainable product photography business. She will speak in detail some of her approaches to business, networking and using funnels to attain a consistent stream of clients as well as how she creates and maintains a backend workflow that can handle business! A lot of these techniques and approaches are not only for budding product photographers and can be applied and implemented by anyone looking to become a niched photographer and take their business from beginner to the next level! Learn several of her approaches to light, set design, and post production as well as where she sources props and how to build a gear kit that is highly useful and will always get you the perfect shot that will dazzle even the pickiest client!

Takeaways :

  • How to use social media and funnels to generate interest in your services and increase the visibility of your content
  • Some one and two light techniques that will help create competitive content that will attract clients and build a portfolio that SELLS!
  • How to build a comprehensive and highly utile props and gear kit