Shooting The Dramatic Portrait

Chris Knight

Chris Knight

Session Time: Jan 13th 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: Ryman Studio G, Level 0
Track(s): Hands On, Portrait


Are you ready to create memorable and dramatic portraiture? Then you do not want to miss this class! Chris Knight will cover six essential tips to transform your lighting techniques and allow you to create more drama in your portraits. Learn how to light with precision and control, using lighting ratios to shape contrast and drama. Explore how to mix both hard and soft light to create more visual appeal. Chris will even go over how to develop your personal style, how and when to use cutting light, tightly controlled modifiers, painting broadly and more. This course will not only enhance the quality of your portraits, it will help define you and your signature style. Take your craft to the next level! 

Thank you to Dury's for providing our speakers with equipment at Imaging USA! Visit them at Booth 528 for deals on equipment you've seen here. Special pricing on demo gear is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Equipment Used for this Course:

  • Lighting:
    • Strobes: 3 - Profoto D1 (500 watts) with Grid Set
  • Modifiers: 2 Large or XL White Umbrellas with Diffusion Beauty Dish with Grid
  • # of Light Stands: Wescott: 3, 1 Boom Arm/ Sand bag
  • Reflectors: 1-white/silver reflector, 2 - medium size black, flags with arms
  • Backgrounds: Wescott: 1- Background Support System (grey textured)

1 Hands on Course costs $99.00

2 Hands on Courses cost $159.00

3 Hands on Courses cost $199.00

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