Program / The Art and Business of Architecture and Interior Photography
Dan Francis
Dan Francis, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
Session Time: Jan 15th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
Location: National Harbor 4
Track(s): Business, Commercial, Sales


After many years of trying different types of photography in and out of the studio, Dan francis finally broke free of the norm and went on his own path and he can’t wait to share that information with you! Dan will bring his love of architecture photography into Imaging USA. You will spend your time talking about the art and business of architecture and interior photography.

In this class, you will discover how you can get your clients to be your best salespeople. You will also learn about what your client really needs before shoot day and how you can overdeliver easily.

You will explore the techniques that have brought Dan success and learn how you can apply it to your current and future portfolio.

Through the day, you will talk about how you can stand out, be seen, and also the different ways you can show value to your clients so they keep coming back to you.

Before the day is over, you will learn how to reach out to new clients and find ways to maximize your profits with the same amount of effort. You’ll walk away ready to see the possibilities of Architecture and Interior Design photography.

“In every great photo lies a great education” - Gomez


  • How to plan for your best images by pre-visualizing, scouting and creating ideas.
  • How to make multiple sales from one session.
  • How to reach out and build relationships with the ideal clients.