Program / The Psychology & Marketing Of Submitting Your Work
Vickie Black
Vickie Black
Session Time: Jan 16th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm EST
Location: Riverview Ballroom B, 4 & 5
Track(s): Business


Senior Style Guide founder, Vickie Black, will give you the actionable steps and best practices to submit your images to industry publications, feature sites and more in this presentation.  You will gain knowledge of the why and the how of the process and the psychology behind it! Plus you will walk away with the skill set to start submitting properly when you leave the room.  She will walk you through tips and tricks she has witnessed from over a decade in this industry along with the common mistakes that are repeatedly made along the way.  The class is designed to educate you on the how and why of the submission process.  Additionally, Vickie will explain the best way to market your wins and features once published and how to wow your current market clientele and why this is important to your business.

From relationship building with publications to hitting send on your first submission, this class will teach you the psychology behind it all.

Key Takeaways…
1. How to find a publication that is an ideal fit for your work
2. How to stand out to the site owner/editor
3. How to market your submission properly
4. How to avoid simple common mistakes along the way
5. The confidence to implement the process today.