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Andrea Moore

My background is in elementary education.  It was with great relief that I was able to join my sister and her business partner in Hayes & Fisk, because I wanted flexibility as I began to raise my children.   By working my way up in our industry, I have been exposed to every aspect of the business.  Long hours and a watchful eye from some of the best in our industry, I attribute to my growth over the last 20 years. 

In 2008 when my mother, sister and I decided to open a second studio which was completely opposite from my sisters’ high end portraiture studio, it began an adventure.   We have tried 5:00 am mornings in tents on athletic fields, and late night at dance recitals with less than effective lighting.  Over the years we have tried it all; be it equipment, workflow, vendors as well as products.   

I enjoy photography but I really excel at production, workflow, and client relationships.  I have perfected a clean, efficient workflow.   After we found our niche market we have worked for the past 10 years perfecting our process from finding clients, to photo shoot day to delivery.    

I serve as the Governor of my District and I currently serve on the VPPA Board of Directors as Co-Image Competition Director.   It was my distinct honor to receive the Virginia Award for faithful service to my Affiliate in 2018. 

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Tuesday, January 19

10:00 am - 11:00 am
Real Life Ideas for your Boutique Volume & Senior Portrait Studio
Business, School, Sport, Event,

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