Angela Lawson, Cr.Photog., CPP

Angela Lawson

Since the mid-1990s and the days of film, Angela Lawson has been a photographer, working in almost every genre from sports and seniors to families and commercial clients.  However, her true love is and has always been those furry family members. These days, Angela specializes primarily in pet portraiture and has a unique talent for capturing animals at their best.  When not behind the camera, she is still involved in her industry, serving as both a CPP at both Western Michigan and Michigan. She also works on the Print Crew each year for Imaging USA, doing her part to ensure the event’s success. Angela earned her CPP in 2008, her Photographic Craftsman in 2014 and is just one merit away from achieving her Master’s degree. Angela’s love for the photographic industry is evident in her commitment to her clients as well as her desire to help other photographers learn and grow in their craft.   

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