Darty Hines, Cr.Photog.

Darty Hines

Sponsored By: H + H Color Lab

Sponsored By: H + H Color Lab

Darty Hines has been a professional photographer for over 26 years, working with prestigious colleagues such as Larry Peters of Peters Photography and most recently, Colleen Gonsar of Colleen & Company. Darty’ s expertise has kept him at the height of our industry, and his experience includes every aspect of his business from photographer to graphic designer, marketing manager to event planner and social media fanatic. He is a longtime PPA member, has won numerous photography awards and is currently on the industry’s lecture circuit. Darty and his wife Michele are co-owners of the educational conference SYNC, and he has always promoted and believed in quality education for photographers. Whether behind the camera, in front of students or consulting with the PPA Affiliates of North Carolina or Georgia, Darty Hines is a true professional, focused on his clients, his colleagues and the industry.  

Contact Info

Web: syncrocks.com
Facebook: dartyhines
Twitter: syncrocks
Instagram: photodart

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5:00 pm
6:15 pm
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Business, School, Sport, Event

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