Jason Hales

Jason Hales

We are Jason and Natalie Hales.  We're a married couple of business owners.  Jason is the photographer and Natalie is the producer.  Together we run 2 brands, Hales Photo and Wild Dingo Studios!  We don't come from the art world.  In fact, we both have business degrees and started off our careers in sales working for Fortune 500 companies.  We quickly found that wasn't for us and started looking for an outlet.  Photography went from hobby to side hustle to full time quickly for Jason and then Natalie jumped the corporate ship help him run Hales Photo full time a year later.  We have 2 kids and live and work in the metro Atlanta area.  We work with brands like Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, Porsche, International Hotels Group and many more helping them pull together and shoot global advertising campaigns. We went from shooting families to weddings to corporate and now editorial and advertising campaigns in a matter of a 10 year span.

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Web: www.hales.photo
Facebook: jasonhalesphotography
Instagram: hales_photo

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