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Mike Michalowicz

By his 35th birthday, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. He started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies.

Today, Mike Michalowicz is one of the most prolific small business authors of our time. Additionally, Mike currently runs his third multi-million-dollar venture, is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and resides on the boards of multiple innovative industry leaders.

Contact Info

Web: mikemichalowicz.com
Facebook: MikeMichalowiczFanPage
Twitter: MikeMichalowicz
Instagram: mikemichalowicz

Speaker Sessions

Sunday, January 16

10:00 am - 11:15 am EST
Opening Keynote: Get Different
Bridging the Gap, Business, Inspiration,

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