Imaging USA Hotels

This year there is a "one stop shop" reservation system for Imaging USA hotel booking in Nashville. We encourage you to make your reservations through this online system, as it is here to help you book your hotel rooms seamlessly.


For groups booking ten or more rooms, visit this page.

Why should I stay at one of the official Imaging USA hotels?

  1. Keep your registration fees low!
    By staying at the official Imaging USA host hotel, youre helping to keep registration fees down! The hotel provides complimentary meeting rooms for Imaging USA if, and only if, we meet the required minimum guest rooms in our hotel contract. Otherwise, Imaging USA must pay for meeting rooms as well as for each room we fall below the minimum—and registration fees will go up! So stay with us and save!
  2. Networking opportunities!
    By staying at the host hotel, youre at the epicenter for everything Imaging USA. Social and networking opportunities abound, and you dont even have to go anywhere to find them. Theyre all right here!
  3. Save on transportation!
    If you're not staying at the host hotel, chances are good youll have to spend some money on a taxi or parking to come over for some of the events. Why bother? Stay here and be at the center of it all.
  4. EXCLUSIVE Dining Discounts for Imaging Attendees ONLY
    Imaging USA attendees receive a 20% discount when dining at any sit-down restaurant on the hotel property. Simply show your badge and the waitstaff will know what to do. A list of all available dining options can be found here.
  5. EXCLUSIVE Soundwaves Water Park Discount

    The new Soundwaves Indoor Water Park at the Gaylord Opryland is offering special advance-purchase rates for our Imaging USA Opryland guests. The all-day rate is only $32.99 or enjoy the park from sunset to close for only $19.99. Guests MUST have an overnight room to enjoy SoundWaves. Purchase your tickets here.

Soundwaves Indoor Deck

NEW! Soundwaves @ Gaylord Opryland

Take a splash at the all new Soundwaves Waterpark! Now, during Imaging USA, you'll be able to cool off after a long day of inspiring and informative classes and shopping the deals on the tradeshow floor to take dip in Nashville's ONLY indoor resort water experience. Learn more

Staying at the official Imaging USA host hotel is the best and easiest way to get the most out of your time at the convention. We encourage you to continue to reserve a room and stay in an official Imaging USA host hotel.

Beware of Housing Poachers!

We do not endorse booking hotel reservations through any source. Other third-party companies may contact you in an effort to get you to book through them. Often, they will misrepresent themselves as our official housing provider. Should you book a room through any other company, we will not be able to protect you from a non-refundable deposit or lack of reservation completely. Should you be contacted by someone, please let us know by emailing us at