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View the list of instructors we've got lined up to teach at Imaging USA 2018! Full biographies of the instructors and what classes they are teaching will be available this summer. Be sure to check back frequently throughout the summer and fall as we'll constantly be adding more biographies and classes.

Lindsay Adler
Rocco Ancora
Michael Anthony
Ryan Armbrust
Eden Bao
Lindsey Betz
Alison Carlino
Mike Christman
Charleton Churchill
Tony Corbell  
Bry Cox                
Kira Derryberry
Dixie Dixon
Keith Dixon
Thomas Dodd
Susan Eckert
Rose Coleman & Nancy Emmerich
Kay Eskridge
Andrew Faulds
Hajj Flemings
Teri Fode
Neal Freed
Jerry Ghionis
Rob Greer
Joel Grimes
David Grupa
Jeff Gump       
Kim Hartz
David Hilton
Darty Hines
Harmony & Nick Jones
Julia Kelleher
Matthew Kemmetmueller
Leslie Kitten
Chris Knight
Manie Kohn

Angela Lawson
Hannah Marie
Howie McCormick
Eric Miller
Allie Peck
Booray Perry
Nate Peterson
Parker Pfister
Pete Rezac
Lisa Saad
Mark Schoenrock
Joseph and Louise Simone
Jetawn Spivey
Joseph Victor Stefanchik
Kristi Sutton-Elias   
Joe Switzer
Erik Valind
Carrie Wildes

Note: Instructors subject to change



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