Branding Your Creative Style

Judy Host

Judy Host, M.Photog.Cr.

Session Time: Jan 20th 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Location: Opry | Delta Ballroom B, Level 2
Track(s): Inspiration


Branding your creative style is all about understanding who you are as a creative spirit and being true to your artistic nature. Most of us understand as a photographer/artist, we are driven by our passion to create constantly.  If you are uncertain about your abilities to create or are confused about finding your style, this program will help you choose what skills you might focus on.  After 30 years in the photography business, running a successful portrait studio in the San Francisco area, and now in Atlanta, Judy has redefined and reinvented herself many times over.  The key factor is the passion to be unique and to present an original piece of photographic art for your clients.

In this program, Judy will share with you how to draw attention to your work with emotion and grace in your imagery.  From Ballet to SteamPunk to a classical approach, she will discuss how to find your inspiration.

Other topics will include: 

  • Finding your passion in your subjects
  • Understanding your portrait style
  • How light and composition are a style choice 
  • Creating personal projects /play dates
  • Creating a team of people to work with 
  • Defining your worth  

Remember, you are an artist! Creating photographic art is like breathing.

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