Imaging USA Hotels

PPA Pays Part of Your Hotel!

We're paying $40 of your hotel bill for every night of Imaging USA that you stay at the Gaylord Texan. That's right! PPA is subsidizing your hotel stay, up to 7 nights with $40 off the cost of your room per night. The discount will apply to your room rate upon check out at the hotel after Imaging USA.

To take advantage of this subsidy, click the 'Book Your Hotel' button below (no other link will get you PPA’s Imaging USA rate!  Again, please note the discount will not show on your reservation but will be applied to your final room bill at the hotel upon checkout onsite.)

This year there is a "one-stop shop" reservation system for Imaging USA hotel booking in Grapevine. We encourage you to make your reservations through this online system to make the process seamless and easy.


For groups booking ten or more rooms,
contact the Gaylord Texan Group Housing


Why should I stay at one of the official Imaging USA hotels?

  1. Keep your registration fees low!
    By staying at the official Imaging USA host hotel, you're helping to keep registration fees down! The hotel provides complimentary meeting rooms for Imaging USA if, and only if, we meet the required minimum guest rooms in our hotel contract. Otherwise, Imaging USA must pay for meeting rooms as well as for each room we fall below the minimum—and registration fees will go up! So stay with us and save!
  2. Networking opportunities!
    By staying at the host hotel, you're at the epicenter for everything Imaging USA. Social and networking opportunities abound, and you don't even have to go anywhere to find them. They're all right here!
  3. Save on transportation!
    If you're not staying at the host hotel, chances are you'll have to spend money on a taxi or parking to attend some of the events. Why bother? Stay here and be at the center of it all.

Commitment to Health & Cleanliness

PPA, Imaging USA, and the Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center are committed to providing a safe environment so that everyone can enjoy the conference and their time on the premise. This pledge and commitment stem from our fervor to always do the right thing and to help you have both a fun and safe experience at Imaging USA.

The hotel and conference center have already implemented comprehensive health and cleanliness measures. As we approach January, PPA is paying close attention to all the new and best ways to adapt the convention to physical distancing and cleanliness requirements. Stay tuned to this page for an outline of all that will be done to provide a safe, memorable, and wonderful experience at Imaging USA.

Hotel Scam Warning

Large conferences and events often become targets for companies seeking to take advantage of the attendees. There are third-party companies that will contact our attendees to sell hotel reservations.  These third-party “pirate” companies create websites and they conduct email and phone call solicitations offering special discounted hotel rooms for conventions, including Imaging USA.   Often these discounted rooms do not exist. The primary objective of this solicitation is to obtain your credit card information. We ask you to block these emails and report them as spam. PPA and Imaging USA have no affiliation with any other company and our negotiated Imaging USA hotel rates can only be accessed directly through our hotel reservation link on the Imaging USA website.  If you have any doubt, please contact PPA at (800) 786-6277 and ask to speak to the Events Department.