Do What You Love, With Who You Love

Jason Hales

Jason Hales

Session Time: Jan 18th 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Track(s): Business, Commercial, Inspiration


Do you work with who you love and do what you love everyday?  Jason Hales does.  He will show you him and his wifes story, and then give you the tools to work yourself in that same direction. The reason they got into the photo business was to start doing what they loved everyday instead of working in a cubicle doing something that wasn’t their passion.  The next level was to work with who they love.  He and his wife work together, of course, but they also surround themselves with other creatives that push them to be better and are fun to be around!  The third component was to work for what they love.  They spend a percentage of their time giving back to their community through volunteering and shooting for non-profits.  It’s important to give back to the place where you live and work and pour into things that are important to you. They will show you how they manage to do all of that through their story and photos, and then talk about ways for you to do the same.

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