Program / High School Seniors from Sports to Portraits—Lighting, Posing, Marketing
Alison Carlino
Alison Carlino, Cr.Photog., CPP
Session Time: Jan 16th 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm EST
Location: Woodrow Wilson BCD
Track(s): Business, Portrait, School, Sport, Event


High school seniors come to us with ideas, demands, and styles different than any other generation.  How does your business respond?  Alison Carlino has 18 years in the industry and has seen the trends come/go. Working with high school & private sports teams for individual, team, and senior banners has opened doors to senior portraits, giving Alison priceless marketing opportunities. Alison will explain the process of her summer athlete call that often turns into full team/indiv photos and later on, senior portraits. Sports lighting, posing, and volume priced packages with in-demand products from Miller’s Professional Imaging will be discussed. Learn how to incorporate behind the scenes video into your final presentations (social media gold). Alison will briefly shoot live to demo modern posing and a dramatic still/motion series with an athlete. Carlino’s Class of 2022 Collections include a personal style session, including the senior’s athletic skill or hobby and often bring in sales from long overdue family portraits. Join Alison as she connects the dots between team sports, senior portraits, and family portraits.

Takeaways include: 

Students will learn how to better connect high school senior sports sessions to senior portrait bookings.

Students will identify the off camera lighting gear and techniques that creatively push the envelope for high school senior portrait & sports photography.

Students will learn how to modernly pose high school senior females and males for portrait & sports sessions.

Students will review in-demand products & collections that finish the creative vision.