Market Like A Boss (With An A-Game Strategy)

Teri Fode

Teri Fode

Session Time: Jan 14th 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Location: Delta Ballroom C, Level 2
Track(s): Business


Being social online is part of the new culture in our world. It’s also the doorway to building your business. Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential customers. But are you overwhelmed? Do you feel scattered? Does the fear of missing out ever creep in? And most importantly, are you actually turning those likes and those followers into paying customers? Teri will teach you the very formula she uses to build relationships both on and off-line and how she converts her followers and likes into a loyal tribe of quality clients. In this program, Teri will make you discover how to set up a workflow for your own social media marketing, combined with more traditional, classic strategies. You will explore the concept of visual marketing as Teri shares how to create easy, visual branding pieces…from your phone! After this class, you will stop getting bogged down with the number of followers or amount of likes you have and use social media with intention and purpose! Long-lasting client relationships truly can happen via social media marketing with Teri’s proven recipe to success so make sure you come to this program!

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