View the list of instructors we've got lined up to teach at Imaging USA 2018!  Read full biographies of the instructors below and view what classes they are teaching. Be sure to check back frequently throughout the summer and fall as we'll constantly be adding more biographies and classes.

Adler Lindsay Adler, Cr.Photog.
Sponsored By: Canon
Brown-Weaver Rebecca Brown-Weaver, M.Photog.
Sponsored By: H + H Color Lab
Craig Joe Craig, Cr.Photog.
Sponsored By: Fujifilm
Hayward Matt Hayward
Sponsored By: Adobe
Kost Julieanne Kost
Sponsored By: Adobe
Platt Jared Platt
Sponsored By: Adobe
Valentine Kitfox Valentine
Sponsored By: Bay Photo
Weaver Jason Weaver, Cr.Photog.
Sponsored By: H + H Color Lab